Our Story

It began when I was 6 years old and got given the choice of keeping it or selling it to buy a new fangled computer with a whole 4000 characters of information and made the right one.

Ever since that moment my life has been defined by computers and my dream has been to build robots. 

 Now, I have established Zen Spark, a company dedicated to finding cutting-edge robots to service your business and making the world easier for people through partnership with our mechanical brethren.

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Ready, willing and able.


Our robots are available for hire. They work for up to 10 hours before requiring recharge. They are friendly, can recognize people, deliver food on their trays, show emotions on their face


You can own these lovely ladies it will be a very worthwhile investment. They come with a 6 year warranty but many have last 8 years or more. Minor repairs included.


We provide customization and complete after sales repairs and support.

 Whenever you work with Zen Spark, you can trust that you’re in great hands.



Service robots now available in Queensland.

As a leader in the industry, Zen Spark has set the bar with its unwavering commitment to quality, performance and exceptional customer care. Through our extensive selection of services and expansive inventory, we go above and beyond to ensure your needs are not just met, but exceeded. To learn more, get in touch today.




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